Thank you!

This is super personal BUT here goes. Last summer I developed a small rash on my breast. I worked in Dermatology for 10+ years and have been a gut health advocate forever…….I knew all the tricks for treating rashes. No matter what I tried, even Triamcinolone, it slowly got worse. It spread across my entire breast, nowhere else, and eventually I ended up with a few small open sores and an extremely itchy rash. I would wake up at night clawing at myself! After about 4 months my knowledge was failing me. My RN sister and I were beginning to worry that it looked a lot like cutaneous breast cancer (per google images, not with any diagnosis). I knew what was coming….. biopsies and scans and blood tests. I’d used NRT in the past for weight loss and decided, before all the other craziness, I wanted to try it again for this rash because……well, why not? Right? Coco did a fairly quick test and gave me a regimen to follow. When I tell you that it only took a couple of days before I started getting better! No expensive tests or invasive procedures. I can’t thank Divine Wholism enough!

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