Our Vision

Our Vision

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Coquille & Eric


As a loving husband and wife team, our deepest passion lies in nurturing both people and the environment, aligning with our true calling to foster holistic well-being and wholesome relationships. Our core belief centers on the remarkable capability of every individual’s body to mend itself when nourished by pure, organic, and unspoiled resources. These resources, in turn, contribute to the renewal, revitalization, and restoration of each bodily system and organ.

Our overarching vision encompasses the attainment of healing and the preservation of optimal well-being encompassing body, soul, and spirit. Drawing on our educational backgrounds in counseling, psychology, addiction and recovery, and life coaching, we hold a profound understanding of the human psyche and recognize the emotional underpinnings that shape our clients’ experiences. Rooted in our personal spiritual journeys, we firmly acknowledge that these emotional foundations permeate every facet of our existence, manifesting in a diverse array of ways. Identifying these roots and their interconnected manifestations assumes paramount significance as we embark on the journey of holistic healing, addressing not only the body but also any barriers to healing.

For over a decade, Coco has been immersed in the study of Nutrition, commencing with comprehensive research and evolving into a formal pursuit from a holistic healing standpoint. Her journey led her to achieve an Applied Clinical Nutrition Certification and subsequently acquire credentials as a Board-Certified Nutrition Response Testing practitioner, followed by dedicated training in Mastering Gastrointestinal Health and Masterih the Art and Science of Blood Chemistry through Restorative Wellness Solutions. From a physical standpoint, Nutrition Response Testing forms the vital link between us and the innate wisdom of the body, enabling us to discern imbalances or toxic burdens. We craft tailored therapies and recommend pure, targeted supplements to address these concerns.

Our personal experiences of grappling with health challenges and unraveling the complexities of our modern food system spurred us to develop innovative methods of imparting these truths to our clients. By reshaping perspectives and transforming relationships with food, we enable our clients to embrace a profound shift in paradigm. Our conviction lies in the holistic trinity of addressing root causes, resulting in a sustainable journey toward optimal health and its steadfast maintenance. After all, as the saying goes, health truly is wealth.