What We Offer

Nutrition Response Testing

Nutrition Response testing begins with the premise of cultivating the body’s innate ability to heal through proper nourishment. Using (primarily) the shoulder muscle to assess the vitality of each body system and organ, beginning with the nervous system, we can decipher and address anything that may be causing stress to the system(s) or organ(s). With this information we can then address the toxicity or stressor with whole food supplements and provide support wherever it is needed within the body through a process of healing phases (they peel back like the layers of an onion). Eventually this will lead into the maintenance phase of our program where you will quite literally be living your best, most deeply nourished life! 

Nutritional Coaching

Although we offer a year-long series of seminars for our clients to attend, our nutrition coaching program goes into greater depth. We address the nuances of a client’s preferences, comforts, downfalls, and support them with accountability, recommendations, recipes, and substitutions so they can become self-sufficient throughout their journey to nourishing habits.

Low-Level Light Laser Treatment

A non-invasive, painless, is shined on bare skin to increase energy within a cell to optimize healing from within and support the function of rapid symptom relief. It is also used as a treatment to break up scar tissue and allow for the nerve impulses to pass through the scared area which can inhibit the function of the nervous system and block the body’s ability to heal altogether. The inner muscles of the blood vessels also naturally relax improving circulation, targeting inflammation, and accelerates the healing of musculoskeletal pain. 

PEMF Mat Therapy

Our EMF Mat Therapy session helps to negate the harmful effects of the ever-increasing burden of EMF’s (ElectroMagnetic Frequencies). It is clinically proven to have many health benefits such as: decreasing pain, increasing cellular energy levels, improving sleep patterns, reducing stress in the body, improving immune response, healing soft tissues faster, reducing inflammation and swelling, enhancing the bodies uptake of nutrients, acceleration of nerve regeneration, faster functional recovery, improved ability to rejuvenate cells, increasing micro-circulation within minutes, and enhancing capillary formation. Overall, this therapy optimizes all of the other hard work you are putting in to heal your body.

Acupressure Therapy

Accupressure is a well-known Eastern Medicine practice that uses the pressure points in the meridians of the body to facilitate healing effects in other places. The Accupressure Mat uses this principle with small disks with “needle-like” points. It provides release throughout the neck and back as one lays for 15-30 minutes. It facilitates relief from migraines and other chronic pain, muscle relaxation, increased body energy, treat nerve conditions, insomnia relief, stress relief, and improves circulation. 
*not for people with sensitive skin, heart conditions, or are pregnant.

Ion Cleanse Therapy Session

Our Ion Cleanse therapy session is a foot bath that increases the effectiveness of other therapies and modalities by gently relaxing and detoxing the body, even if other elimination pathways are inhibited. Experience a relaxing and detoxifying foot bath as you fill out your paperwork, wait for your appointment, or after your appointment. Providing a foundation for all the changes you are making and your supplements to work optimally as you reduce the toxic burden on your body. Come see all the junk that comes out of your body! 

Infrared Sauna Therapy (Ozone Available)

Infrared sauna therapy will enhance Mitochondrial health and cellular energy, improve microcirculation and blood oxygenation, enhance the natural production of Nitric Oxide, additional skin and anti-aging benefits, and the best natural detoxification possible, along with all the amazing health benefits of Full Spectrum Infrared. We also can pair the infrared sauna with ozone treatment which is an alternative approach that is a very effective way to increase the amount of oxygen in the body and especially the blood concentration, through cellular infusion introduction of ozone.

Benefits include: Detoxification, Decrease Inflammation, Increase circulation, Relieve pain, Burn calories, Sleep Better, Immune Enhancement & Promote overall health and wellness, Mitochondria Support and Enhanced Energy, Increased Natural Nitric Oxide and Redox Molecule Production, Anti-Aging Benefits; Collagen Production, and Cellulite Reduction.

TENS Unit Session for Acute Pain

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS or TNS) is the use of electric current produced by a device to stimulate the nerves for therapeutic purposes. TENS, by definition, covers the complete range of transcutaneously applied currents used for nerve excitation although the term is often used with a more restrictive intent, namely to describe the kind of pulses produced by portable stimulators used to reduce pain.

Non-Toxic Body And Beauty Products

We provide natural and organic beauty products to help our clients extricate toxic input to their bodies. Our skin is our largest organ and is soaks up everything we put on it. It’s quite revelatory to realize how many toxins are in our household cleaners and hygiene products (learn more at our “Toxic Input” seminar). We have many recommendations and provide other alternatives to these products to lower the toxic effects on our family, including body butter, soaps, shampoo and conditioner, and household cleaning products. 

Essential Oil Healing Blends

Essential oils have a unique ability to bond with our cells in a way that causes our DNA to react. They are able to influence the cell to overcome ailments, overcome toxins, and inhibitory inefficiencies to balance one’s health more successfully. They can even reduce the negative influence on our epigenetics. We believe them to be a wonderful adjunct to a healing protocol and provide specially blended oils to aid our clients as they address systems within the body that require healing.