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Divine Wholism is a holistic nutritional practice dedicated to harnessing and nurturing the body’s inherent healing capabilities. Our unwavering passion lies in enhancing the quality of life for individuals at every stage of their journey. Whether faced with chronic diseases, discomfort, pain, or disabilities, we firmly believe that everyone deserves the best possible health and can benefit from deliberate, small changes.

Our approach centers around Nutrition Response Testing, a method that comprehensively evaluates the body, from the nervous system to organs. By identifying areas of stress and intuitively addressing each person’s unique needs, we offer whole food nutritional supplements that are optimally bioavailable to their cells. This time-tested and proven approach facilitates the restoration of optimal health through a harmonious synergy of processes.

Our core belief is that the body possesses an innate capacity to heal when provided with the right resources, and nutrition serves as the cornerstone for restoration, maintenance, and disease prevention. We are here to accompany you on your journey to achieving optimal health.

Popular Services


A clinically proven muscle test that assesses any imbalance or toxicity within each unique body to find the root cause, then applying whole food supplements and nutrition to heal from the inside out. 


Therapeutic light treatment that energizes cells and supports the body’s ability to heal from within, increasing the rapid relief of symptoms. 


Coaching to help you find nourishing and delicious ways to feed you and your family as you discover the freedom of your new lifestyle! 


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